Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Usual OFW Story

When i was in my high school days or even in my college years, I never imagined myself to work outside the country. I grew up living a simple life, my father is a mechanic of our own-managed small shop, and my mother is plain housewife. All I wanted was to be like my father and so I planned to get a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

That was 12 years ago. Now, I'm not managing my own auto repair shop, I did not pursue the course that I wanted to back then and ended up finishing BS Computer Engineering, and most of all I am presently working away from home and my country.

In short, all my plans a decade ago turned 180 degrees to what situation I am now into. I am now working in one of the electronic giant companies here in Singapore.

Why did I decide to work abroad? I will try my best tell you.

When I graduated in College in 2001, I was so eager to work immediately to earn my first salary and to help my family. I landed working in a data processing company in Cebu. But the pay is way too low so I decided to transfer to another company as a contractor for 2 years. Then I was given a slot on the same company as a permanent staff and worked for another 4 years.

For a total of more than 6 years of working, I will tell you the figures of my savings. NOTHING, yes you got it right, I didn't have any savings at all and even in debt to some of the financial institutions.

I worked like a horse to support my family and my ordinary lifestyle but I saved nothing, how much more to some of you who are living in spendings more than mine. Over the years, my patriotism to apply my skills on my own country slowly faded, and a new dream to work abroad started to come out.

That's why I'm here, one of the million filipinos working abroad, who tried to find a decent living for my family back home.