Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fast Forward

If I can change the way we represent time, I would like to require that every clock design should have wings with it, wings to remind us that time really really flies fast.

It is more than a year already since my last post for this time-forgotten blog. And a lot of big things happened to my life. I broke up from a long time relationship and found a new love here, got married and now already have a son who after being left in the Philippines for almost three months, has finally come and join us here in Singapore, for good.

When I decided to accept the opportunity of working here in Singapore, I was always reflecting then on why God had led me to come to this country. My career in the Philippines back then was more than enough to support me and even substantial to start a family. Now I realize that it is through this Country where I experienced huge changes in my life. It is when you go out from your comfort zone where you would finally begin to realize that the world is boundless when it comes to turning impossible to reality. It stripped me from all of the lies that covered my existence which had been suppressed by the shield of comfort which I myself has been providing. And most significantly, it led me to finding the soul who shared the same experience, the same values and the same dreams with me. In the end, I realized that you will never fully understand the Lord's plan for you unless you would put that first step out of the comfort of your own life.

Fast forward to 2010, I am now a happy married man to a very loving wife and a father to a very cute son who is beginning to show his inherited traits from me. It is like witnessing a reborn of myself to a new generation thirty years ahead of me.

This is my story, a story of an OFW man working in Singapore. :)