Thursday, October 30, 2008

My First $100 Earnings Online

1 year ago, I was so amazed everytime I hear people find their passive income online. And so I started to do my research on how it is being done.

I found out that most of them got the income from adsense thru blogging. Adsense is a service provided by Google wherein google ads will be displayed on your website or blog and you earn everytime a visitor clicks on any of the ads. This is a pay-per-click scheme or popularly known as PPC in the online advertisers and marketers.

This may somewhat intimidate someone who is not into techy stuffs but the reality is not. You don't really need to have your own website (well, better if you do) to get this done. You can start by signing up to blogging services like, which is owned by Google or If you will sign up then you will be given a personal page or blog wherein you can then fill with content of your choice, known as niche and then sign up for google adsense and place the ads all throughout your blog. You don't even need to write an article as there are already a lot of articles all over the internet that you can legally publish as long as the original author and sometimes their URL will not be removed. for itself provides a very user-friendly interface from choosing the layout even to guiding you on placing the adsense.

This is so advantageous to us OFWs who loves to write on a particular topic of interest and publish it to our blogs for the reason that we have all the time that we need after working hours.

After work when I find myself at home nothing to do, I spent my time on reading blogs of interest and finding articles related to my niche and publish them.

Well, what particular blog that I've earned my first $100? You can check out And see the snapshot above on the passive income that I've accumulated so far in Adsense. The contents of this blog almost all came from various free article sites. I just grabbed and published them but leaving the original sources of the articles to make it legal. So if you have the time and a personal computer, create a blog and monetized it by adding Adsense, after all even OFWs needs all possible income inorder to send money back home.