Friday, October 31, 2008

Air Damper of a Filipino Engineer

This is a story of a Filipino Engineer in Nigeria who showed his skills and leadership in solving a 6-year old smoke problem of a plant's incinerator. Please read a story from a person named butz from filipino forum.

Really I feel excited when I read this accomplishment the pinoys had been making. And as for me I had my own real story to tell. I work before in Saudi for 7 years and transfered to Qatar and then Egypt. Resently I was sent to Nigeria last June 9, 2008. The company where I work (8 years) is a service company for oil drillings (base in UK).
My company always sent me to their branches when there is some problems about their equipment and machines. I am an engineer by profession. last June 10 when I was at one of the site of the company (incenarator) I noticed that there was too much smoke in the area and everybody was wearing face mask. The chimmey was emitting black smoke. I was with a british engineer at the time. The engineer is with the company for the last 8 years. I noticed there was something wrong with there equipment. The next day I told the base manager I will shut down the equipment and the whole plant and give me 3 days and I will rectify this problems. The base manager told me before shutting this plant he will inform the british engineer, this engineer will be having his vacation that day and he gives permision to shut the plant down.

I assembled all the locals (Nigerians) mechanics, electricians and operators and a welder. I told them I will design an air damper and they will fabricate it with my supervision together with the welder and his three trainee. In two days they had finished the job and on the third day I told them to install the damper on the incenerator. I commenced start up in the afternoon then I checked the temperature and leave the . I traveled one hour from the site. The next day while I was approaching the site I noticed there was no smoke from the site I taught they shut down the plant. When I entered the gate I saw everybody smiling and then I go directly to the equipment its working the sorrounding was clean and free from smoke I noticed that nobody wears face mask, all thumbs up. One mechanic approach me that in his 6 years working with the company this is the first time they had experienced this moment not wearing face mask and told me if I were an egyptian, cuz I come from egypt. I said no I am not an egyptian I am a FILIPINO. I thank them for there cooperation. One guy approached me and told me I am the first white men they saw working with tools and
going up the ladder all white men comming to the plant just point there and point this. They consider all white men as white whether you are chinese, filipino, british or american. I noticed that that deployment of OFW in Nigeria is banned by our government when everything here is normal, the only prroblem here in Nigeria everything is expensive. I pity all the OFW here in Nigeria including me who can not go on vacation and coming back directly from the Philippine.

So I think the OFW here in Nigeria opted to stay rather than enjoy there vacation and not returning back from there work this is the suffering we had to endure that the government is adding cross to the already suffering OFW and their families. I hope some senators or congressman can read this predicament that we had.

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