Thursday, June 16, 2011

Walang Natira (Nothing Left)

I can't believe it is already six months since my last post to this blog. I guess the life of being a father to my OFW (Overseas Filipino Wondrous) kid (Yes, my 1-year old son is with me abroad :) ) is making my life doubly busy after work and got me fully booked during the weekends.

Hopefully I could post more often now as I don't want to put this blog to the sideline and into the never never land.

Anyway, I was reading posts in facebook when I was reminded of the song from Gloc 9. For those of you who may not realized this, I am a music lover so some of my posts here are about music videos that we all OFWs can relate.

The song is called "Walang Natira", and for the benefit of the non-filipino readers means "Nothing Left".

It's a song about the many many talents that we have in the country that you will not find in the Philippines after 3 to 5 years of working.

By the way, we don't have a communicable disease back home that shortens the years of the young professionals. :)

They were, are and will be moving out of the country to try to find the milking pot abroad after almost all of them realizes that the growing expenses year after year would just lead them to the banks.

Not to deposit money, but to accumulate loans and credit that without realizing would eventually force them to entertain that once very tiny voice telling them to buy a ticket to becoming an OFW.

With the exchange of course of the usual sacrifices, missing birthdays, anniversaries, graduation and sometimes worst - losing their own family.

So that's basically what the song is about. The danger of losing loved ones because of loving them. Ironic? No it's not, think again!! :)

Enjoy the music video courtesy of youtube and the uploader.