Sunday, June 26, 2011


This is gonna be the first of the new kind of posts that I will be posting from now on. I felt like this blog needs to lighten up a bit so I think of sharing some bloopers to make you :D or at least :) ...

This is about the usual laugh trip that we have in the office with my fellow OFWs who are mostly coming from Luzon area of the country.

So the story goes like this:

Officemate 1: "San ba kayo pinaglihi ng nanay nyo?"
Me: "Ako, sa crab."
Officemate 2: "Ako sa Prunes."
Me: "Ah, Prunes halos pareho lang pala tayo?" (Sabay taas ng dalawang kamay na parang may pinipisil)
Officemate 2: "Bakit, alam mo ba kung ano ang Prunes?"
Me: "Oo, (nakataas pa rin ang dalawang kamay na parang may pinipisil), yong malaking shrimp!!"

And then everyone started to laugh like crazy, and I asked why.

Officemate 1: "Prunes yun hindi Prawns!! Yung malaking pasas!! Bisaya ka kasi"

Haha, I was so embarrassed like I felt like going to disappear.

But at least, one word has been added to my vocabulary.

Prune - A prune is any of various plum cultivars, mostly Prunus domestica or European Plum, sold as fresh or dried fruit.